Marketing Email Design Do’s and Don’ts

email marketing do's and don'ts

Email marketing is at the heart of B2B marketing. It’s our bread & butter, the Laurel in our Hardey, the red blood cells that deliver oxygen from our demand gen lungs to th… sorry, I got carried away.

Anyway, we B2B marketers love emails, and we would like to think that our prospects and clients love our emails too. That depends on a whole bunch of factors, many of which, luckily enough, we can control. A good example is Whether and How our emails render on our audience’s email clients.

There’s plenty of resources on the web to help email designers and coders do their job, but the truth is, we at Converto still see quite a few examples of emails out there that either fail to render properly on specific clients (Gmail anyone?), or just employ design elements that, while great for web pages, damage the email viewing experience (yes, animated GIFs, we’re looking at you!)

Now, while normally the job of ensuring emails are properly designed and coded is the job of your web design studio of choice, it’s a good idea to send them, along with the creative & technical brief, also some useful details about do’s and don’ts in marketing email design.

So, this post has two parts: the first contains some explanations and is meant for you, the less-technical marketer. Then, in the following section, we’ve included an abbreviated list of the same tips that you can simply copy and paste into your own brief document for your studio. Aren’t we helpful??

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