James Urquhart over at GigaOm expresses the distinct impression those of us who follow this space have had for some time now: Amazon and Salesforce have truly set themselves apart as cloud leaders.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

In early 2011, I wrote a blog post about who I thought would be dominant cloud computing players 10 years from then. In that post, I argued that the breadth of offerings from Microsoft (s msft) and Google (s goog) put them in position to own large parts of future IT markets. But much has changed since then. I think two cloud providers — Amazon Web Services (s amzn) and (s crm) — have begun to pull away from the pack, and I’m ready to admit I didn’t give these two companies their due.

To understand why are they beginning to lap the field, it is important to understand what has been successful in cloud computing to date, and what hasn’t been successful (or at least not yet).

Market dynamics create the opportunity

Despite several years of basic cloud services being available, and a small explosion of different services…

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